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About Me


I found my passion for coding teaching myself as a stay-at-home mom. I have a background in design and I love diving into CSS and design systems. I am a Svelte Ambassador and contributor. I have been using Svelte for years and have been building with SvelteKit since it was initially launched in beta. I also founded the Svelte Sirens.


  • ✅Advised a Google workshop as a Svelte expert.
  • ✅Built a design system for and implemented it into Next.js with TailwindCSS.
  • ✅At Grainger building out their design system in Svelte and then transitioning it to React.
  • ✅At Netlify as a Developer Experience Engineer where I worked closely with the Development Workflow Pillar in the developer experience of products while maintaining my presence in the community at conferences and online.

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